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Visualising Pupil Progress

Use Escendency's web-based system as an umbrella over your existing tools to centralise assessment data, track progress, inform target setting, engage parents, governors and students themselves.(jpeg - 788KB)

Postcard for Schools/Colleges

Imagine pulling all your assessment data into a single database so that you can analyse and report progress from individual student level through to whole school or college via personalised dashboards.(jpeg - 618KB)

Overview of the Escendency SMART System

A summary of everything the Escendency SMART system can do for you on a page of A4 with comments from existing users on the back.. (pdf - 1.3MB)

How do you Know if Your Strategy is Joined-up & on Track?

Escendency's SMART mapping methodology ensures that your whole strategy is joined-up, nested and coherent.

The system provides automatic online progress reporting for your vision, mission, hard and soft objectives, indicators and action plans from across your organisation. (pdf - 1.2MB)

Need to Sharpen Your Focus?

Escendency offers a real-time online performance improvement system that enables public, private and voluntary organisations or whole communities to make sustainable progress towards a common purpose. (pdf - 461KB)

We Believe

Escendency's vision for sustainable communities. (pdf - 812KB)

Pictorial Representation of the Escendency System

A metaphor of the Strategy Mapping & Reporting Technology as represented by rivers and reservoirs. (pdf - 635KB)

One Gauge says it all

The Escendency System displays in a single gauge the condition of your organisation's VISION. This gauge takes into account the weighted contribution of every part of your strategy, every objective, every performance indicator and associated action plans directly linked to your people.

(pdf - 568KB)
A New Concept in People-Centred Organisational Performance Management… Online

This describes what we believe in, ranging from individual empowerment to sustainable communities, and how the Strategy Mapping & Reporting Technology is consistent with those beliefs.

(pdf - 1MB)
What They're saying about the Escendency System

Recent quotations people have made about how the Escendency System has helped them achieve their vision and strategic objectives.

(pdf - 1.1MB)
Join the Club (double sided)

Subscribing to the Escendency System is like joining a club. You and your fellow members may ask for anything you would like to further enhance the system. So as best practice in performance management evolves and new guidance emerges your system is future-proofed at no additional cost.

(pdf - 1MB)

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