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Online Demo's of the Escendency SMART System

Here are several short training and demonstration video clips of some of the key areas of the Escendency SMART system. If there are any other features of the system you would like to see a video of just email us at or tell your usual Escendency contact and we will create them for you.

Please turn on sound if you have it.

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SMART Dashboard - Overview Display (2'11") - Ben Ruth
This video gives you a quick tour of the central feature of the of the Escendency SMART system - your personal dashboard. View top-level summaries of real-time data such as strategic performance gauges, qualitative assessments, action plans and so on. Easily customise your dashboard to display the overview that you want to see the instant you log-on.
SMART Dashboard - Drill-down to Detailed Reports (2'27") - Ben Ruth
This video shows you how to quickly drill-down from the overview display to the detail that lies beneath.
The SMART Scorecard Report (3'50") - Ben Ruth
Track cross-cutting agendas and indicators contributing to multiple objectives even if they are not directly linked in your strategy map.
The SMART Corporate Performance Overview Report (2'33") - Ben Ruth
View the current status and performance of your whole strategy to see what is and is not on track. Drill down for more detail.
The SMART Corporate Performance Plan Report (1'10") - Ben Ruth
With one click create a report containing automatically compiled text, graphs and tables for your whole strategic performance. If you wish you can export this report to Excel or Word to modify the appearance. We have been told this report alone can save many weeks or even months of work.
The SMART Performance Indicator Report (2'14") - Ben Ruth
Cut, slice and filter any and all of your performance indicators any way you like, then run the report.
The SMART Organisational Performance Report (2'01") - Ben Ruth
This video demonstrates how those authorised can run performance reports from an organisational viewpoint.
Coming up: SMART GeoMapping (38") - Ben Ruth
In the future you will be able to export data directly from your SMART system to others such as Google or MicroSoft Maps. This video clip provides a taster. If you have a particular interest in this area please get in touch with us through your usual Escendency contact or email us at

System Administrators

Setting up a SMART Performance Target (4'19") - Ben Ruth
This video shows system administrators:
  1. how to set up a new target to a performance indicator in the strategy map;
  2. how ownership, measurement and validation responsibilities are assigned;
  3. how the assigned measurer is prompted with a task to enter data when due;
  4. how the submitted results are reported in real-time.
Setting up an Action Plan - Part 1 (5'56") - Ben Ruth
This video shows how to set up an action plan category, an action plan itself and tasks within an action plan. It also shows how these can be linked to any other entity or entities within the Escendency SMART system including another action plan and therefore the creation of nested action plans.
Setting up an Action Plan - Part 2 (5'04") - Ben Ruth
This video shows how to set up action plan progress reporting for the action plan previously created in part 1.
Setting up SMART Assessments Part 1 (2'17") - Ben Ruth
Setting up SMART Assessments Part 2 (1'34") - Ben Ruth
Use the SMART assessment technology to track qualitative indicators and feed the results into your strategy. Being infinitely flexible SMART assessments can be used for assessments, questionnaires, surveys, environmental, social and/or economic impacts and so on.
In this example the video clip shows SMART assessments being applied to the UPBEAT methodology as used in Higher Education Institutions (for more info on UPBEAT see: